The Cedefop European Skills and Jobs Survey (ESJS) indicates that a fifth of EU adult employees (including young adults) have lower skills than needed when starting their jobs, indicative of skill gaps at recruitment. Based on results of this survey, young adults preparing to enter the workforce are significantly lacking in transversal skills or soft skills - such as teamwork, decision-making, and communication - that will help them become effective employees


SEE FIRST aims at developing methods and tools to foster employability through upskilling the soft skills of young individuals (i.e. communication, creative thinking, work ethic, teamwork, decision making, creative thinking, work ethic, time management, critical thinking, conflict resolution).


The project will come up with the following tangible results:

  • Transversal competencies framework comprising gap evaluation methods and tools and a skills and achievements recognition framework
  • Transversal (soft skills) enhancement strategies and actions
  • Skills Genie online tool
  • SEE FIRST Academy virtual space with supporting infrastructure