R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the workplace

“Respectfulness” is a term and a concept, that exists ever since the dawn of humanity and stays noteworthy until today.

While its exact definition has differed along ages, and still differs from area to area, it more or less can be defined as:

                                      “The courteous regard for people's feelings” (vocabulary.com)

Depending on the age, position, status and your relation with each person, there are separate unwritten rules in order to treat this person “with respect”.

                                       Of course, this system of rules also applies in the workplace

For a long time, the so-called “corporate culture” was the standard workplace etiquette, defining interaction and behavior rules to your inferiors and superiors, along with “proper” ways of dressing, talking, negotiating and backing up.

This old fashioned system has thankfully been more relaxed nowadays, permitting more casual interactions with your colleagues, an element which brings up many positive things.

Despite that, there is still an “algorithm” that more or less defines how you’re going to interact with each colleague, given certain traits of his/hers, and how you can support your ideas all while giving space to those of others and not becoming offensive or pushy.

This algorithm can be better understood through the Respectfulness Goal Cards that can be found on the free-to-use learning platform of the See First project, on www.seefirst.eu

Through fun and engaging activities, both for individuals and groups, you can learn how to become more respectful by giving space to the ideas of others, presenting your opinion on them through a polite and non-insulting way, and accepting the decisions of others with dignity, even when you disagree with them since the key to an effective teamwork, is the mutual respect among its members.

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