Logical thinking is all around us and is indispensable for solving everyday problems and for the advancement of science, as it means drawing conclusions from premises, contained in them, but not directly observable.

It is an engine of transformation that can be found everywhere, from the simplest reasoning to Artificial Intelligence applications.

Logical thinking is that which is derived from the relationships between objects and comes from the individual's own elaboration. It arises through the coordination of the relationships that he or she has previously created between objects.

Dialectical logical thinking refers to the ideas that we create in our mind from the reflection of our reality, which will be constituted by a coherently established order, but which in turn can be modified according to changes in that reality or the interpretation that man makes of it.

The benefits of developing logical thinking are innumerable, among them we can highlight:

Problem solving

Logical thinking allows us to understand problems and solve them better.  Problem-Based Learning is an excellent way to improve skills in this area and is one of the techniques used in schools from the earliest stages of education (see below).

Abstraction skills

Logic allows us to anticipate and think about situations and objects that we are not observing at the moment. An education that fosters logic also fosters creativity and will lead to people with the ability to use abstract thinking.

Developing critical thinking

The promotion of logical thinking leads to the development of critical thinking, capable of reasoning and selecting from all opinions and statements while avoiding generalisations and prejudices.

Ease of assimilation

Logical thinking makes it possible to classify and order large amounts of information. It also strengthens both long and short-term memory. 

A tool for the future

A large part of the information languages required by the new digital professions are based on logical formalisations, which will help future professionals to be better and more capable.

The development of logical thinking in people is of vital importance as it guarantees greater efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out the tasks and/or activities that each individual is responsible for in society.

Did you know that there is a World Logic Day?  It is on 14 January and was promoted by UNESCO.