Emphasys Centre

The Emphasys Centre (Cyprus) functions as a Centre for Education, ICT Training and Research. It is accredited by the Cyprus Ministry of Education as an Educational Centre specialising in ICT training for students (VET) and for adults. It is also accredited by the ECDL Foundation and the CEPIS and by the Cambridge International Examination Board. The Research Centre is actively involved in the area of EU projects and cooperates closely with several organizations, research centres, schools, both in Cyprus and in the E.U. for the development and implementation of various projects through the Erasmus+ Programme in all sectors: Education, Training and Youth.

The “Emphasys Centre” offers high quality courses:

Students – young people interested to acquire qualification of entering higher education institutions (i.e. GCE A’ Level, ECDL, National ICT exams)

Professionals and young people interested in obtaining professional qualification (i.e. ECDL) Professionals and young people interested in attaining vocational training for employment

Adults (NEET, unemployed people, senior citizens etc.) interested to acquire professional qualification in the digital era

The “Emphasys Centre” provides, apart from the ICT training, the following services:

Career guidance for young people and young people (NEETs)

Counselling and mentoring to all learners aiming at enhancing their learning capability according to their needs (Early School Leavers, Young unemployed people)

Support students with learning difficulties and developmental problems (detect their special needs and provide individual help)

Website: http://emphasyscentre.com/